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Bibi, with a little help from friends like President Trump, has once again deftly navigated the legal, electoral and political systems in Israel to cement his position and that of his coalition for at least the next four years.  Netanyahu  would have to be a bumbling idiot to blow this prospective coalition.  And no one has ever accused him of either bumbling or idiocy.  If Bibi continues the policy of "creeping settlements" and avoids a "blitzkrieg" of annexation, we will all likely act like frogs in a warming bucket of water. And all that will be left to do is to redraw the maps.  

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Trump Trumps Netanyahu on Jerusalem

President Trump did the right thing for Israel, for the Palestinians and for America by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. No matter what your view of the President may be, his was a statesmanlike pronouncement worthy if our President.  It remains to be seen what the results may be, and given the fact that it is the Middle East there will inevitably be drama.  


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Jerusalem Embassy - The ISIS dream.

President Trump has  revived the call to move our Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The original reasons for locating in Tel Aviv were practical and twofold: security after the 1948 Arab Israeli war, and the fact that the Israeli government was initially located in Tel Aviv. But then the Israelis moved their government to Jerusalem and, for the most part, security was established in the land.  Our Embassy, however, stayed in Tel Aviv. Now the location of our Embassy is a red flag that could block our moves to discredit and defeat ISIS.

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