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Will President Trump Fold his Middle East Hand? 

Lost in the hurricane of news and “fake news” coming out of Washington was the announcement and signature on Thursday, October 12 of a reconciliation agreement between the two Palestinian movements Fatah and Hamas.  The agreement, which was mediated and guaranteed by Egypt, was ten years in the making after Hamas violently expelled Fatah from Gaza in 2007. Inclusion of the terrorist designated Hamas may be a ready made excuse for the failure of Trump's Middle Eastnegotiating prowess.

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Taps for the Two State Solution

The Israeli encirclement of Jerusalem and announcement of more settlement housing makes the prospect of a two state solution increasingly impossible.  If no solution between Israel and the Palestinians is possible, then we need to adjust our thinking.  And by calling into question the Palestinian State, what are the Israelis saying about the future of their own state of Israel

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Who Cares About Israel?

“The Palestinian issue originally achieved strategic importance for the US primarily as a result of the Cold War and the US-Soviet competition for allies in the strategic Middle East. With the end of the cold war there has been a sometimes-serious debate about just how important the issue is to the United States. For the most part its importance has been assumed. Everybody knows it is important – but is it really important to us? And what about Israel?

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